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Central Church of Christ Welcome Back

It’s been almost a year since all of our lives were changed by the pandemic.  We would like to use this video to update you on our church community and what’s happening here at Central.

It’s still fresh in our memory how a year ago this month, we had to stop attending in-person worship; thankfully, it only lasted for a few weeks.  Then the week after Mother’s Day, May 17th, we were able to begin having in-person worship again, and thankfully we have been able to meet every Sunday since.

Since then, we’ve constantly been working on welcoming more and more of you back to in-person Worship, as well as constantly working on how to improve our online presence.  Oh, we’ve gone through many transitions of what that has looked like, but there is one observation I think we can safely make during this time; since we began meeting again for in-person worship, we have had zero people get Covid 19 from our Worship services.   While it is true we have had church family members who have had it (including myself), we have had no cases of a secondary outbreak because we have had in-person worship.

A large part of us not experiencing cases or secondary cases is because we have been working diligently to do our part to provide a safe place to welcome you to attend and worship our God.

_______________________________________________So, here are some updates:

We will continue to meet in the Family Life Center because it is our largest area that allows us to space out our seating and with its large open ceiling with good ventilation, which helps immensely!

We encourage you to continue to wash your hands often, and we will continue to provide hand sanitizer at numerous places around the building.

We continue to encourage you to wear your masks at your own comfort level. When you get to your seat, you are welcome to take the mask off. If you get up to move around the room, we ask that you put the mask back on. And if you don’t feel ready for that, it’s ok to leave it on during the entire service at your comfort level.

Probably of most important measure we can all take is staying home when we are sick.

These are measures that we are using to ensure we are doing our part to provide a safe place to welcome you to openly attend and worship our God.


As we start this new month, we are bringing back some welcome sights that we have sorely missed over the last year.

A few months ago, we started welcoming you back to Bible School classes again.  We have an adult class that meets in the Worship Center, and we have classes for our kids that meet in some of our largest classrooms.   We started having Mustard Seeds, our kids program for kids through 3rd grade, during the sermon time.  And for that time gap between Bible School and worship, there is a space for your kids to let off a little energy before we all gather for worship.  (We only ask that you help us monitor the kids while they are in this room).

This month, we are adding a staffed person in the Worship Center for Nursery Duty. For all those of you who have small or young children who are restless and may need a place to play, move around, or wiggle to their heart’s content while attending the service, feel free to take your kids to the Worship Center or if you have a little one that needs to take a nap, please feel free to use the nursery.

But an element of who we are was still missing.  It is our Hospitality Center!

We are continuing to ramp up or gear up our Sundays to be more welcoming with the addition of the Coffee and Snacks in the Hospitality Room and Counter.  (That’s right, for those of us who like our cup of coffee, there will be a place for a refill!)

These are just some of the things coming back and being implemented for the entire church body to enjoy or use to welcome you back.  We continue to reach out and prayerfully ask, would you consider returning to in-person worship and be welcomed back.

For those who have maybe grown really comfortable with being able to be ‘relaxed’ and watching worship, let me close by telling you of a fun day we are going to have on March 28; it’s going to be a casual day.  Wear jeans, wear a church t-shirt, it’s a Sunday to “Come as you are!”.

To all who are watching this video, we want to either say, “Welcome!” or “Welcome Back!”  We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

Join us Easter Sunday

April 4, 2021

9:15 AM – Breakfast

10:15 AM – Easter Worship Service

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